It is easy to drive Toyota Dyna very much

The truck which I use by work is Dyna of Toyota.
Because an evaluation was always high in this car model among the people in the same profession, I wanted to get on, too, but took it off for the purchase because this time used goods ricksha station business was sold at a considerably advantageous price when it turned around.
The truck of this class was size not to change so much that it was huge of the privately-owned cars, but the smallest radius of gyration was not small too much because still many car models were front wheel drive.
However, I turn at the Dyna of Toyota steadily so as to learn such an illusion that is twisted forever if I turn the steering wheel.
The structure of the small place that running performance was not only high, and led to easy such driving, so-called easy drive for the low mileage was polite at all, and I let you do it, but a world car of Toyota had such an impression.
Because it is a diesel car, of course I run on light oil, but am not exhausted not to mention black exhaust gas peculiar to light oil.
Because the soot is hard to collect to the engine by the higher technology that is kind to environment with so-called clean diesel, I can think so that it is kind to the earth even if I run it.
It is a good truck to really buy the Dyna.